Rick Astley, the chicken, his soup, and my blog

red blog buttonWhen I saw the Daily Prompt “Never gonna give you up” I started singing Rick Astley‘s hit immediately. When I really read the post I saw that the prompt was asking about bad habits from others. I started blogging a huge list with bad habits that I really cannot stand such as bad hygiene. My list grew long all the while humming the famous lyrics.

And then I got bored.

I did not want to write a negative blog post about everything that bugs me in other people. I wanted to explore the memories that Rick Astley’s song brought back. They were all tied to my years at the Erasmus University. The song came out in 1987 and I was in my second year of studying law. The song was so popular. You could hear it everywhere. All fitness classes played it so no wonder that after a while I turned the song into “I can give you up and I will let you down.”

The Stock-Aitken-Waterman years did not make it easy for me to forget the song. Dead or Alive made a great effort at that by spinning me around though. However, they do not remind me of my university years. Rick does.

Yesterday, I searched through my boxes and found many old notebooks, calendars, and even textbooks from those years. It brought me back to the lecture rooms where so often I wondered why some professors were brilliant lawyers and at the same time such horrible teachers. Naive as I was back then I was under the impression that those lecturing were the best at lecturing.

In my stash of old things I also found old recipes from my first attempts to invent dishes. I tried to mix corn with tuna and dress it up with Indonesian spices. I mixed ketchup with ketjap and added sauerkraut with spicy sausages. Cucumber was not save for me either because it got steamed and added to cod with white wine.

Which brings me to the chicken.

I found a recipe called “fire-breathing dragon” soup. It was invented by my friend Gerry Mann. I remember that I made the soup. Gerry said it took under an hour to prepare but I distinctively recall it was near three hours. All the while I had a table full of impatient friends waiting to breathe fire. Maybe I should make it again.

But then I saw the chicken in my fridge. The chicken is roasted with spices and ready to eat. So of course, I have to change it. I never give up, you know. So the chicken is going down in the pot and will be turned into spicy chicken noodle soup.

I have time to do this while humming:

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Thanks Daily Post for the prompt that turned into a memory lane about a completely different topic. But as a result, we have lunch and a blog post.


3 thoughts on “Rick Astley, the chicken, his soup, and my blog

  1. aww what a cute post to read! it’s always nice to go through old things and reminisce for awhile. I’m curious to know what that recipe is though! lol!


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