Blogging Dos & Don’ts

blog text on enter keyLet’s start with the biggest don’t: never adopt another blogger’s posting habits! Your blogging frequency should be based on your needs. Let your calendar show you what comes natural.

There are tons of discussions in G+ communities, LinkedIn blog groups, and Twitter about how often we should blog and how often we should post. Note that I still separate the two. I use blog in the same way as the verb “to write.” I call hitting the publish button posting.

I see so many bloggers ask others what they should do. But then all they do with that information is  getting frustrated that someone else has time to blog daily and they don’t.


Everyone has a different calendar. Some of us have kids and some don’t. Result: different time schedules. Many of us have a day job. Result: limited spare time schedules. We do not all have the same life.

Even if we all worked for the same company our calendars would still be different. A company has different dynamics in every department or segment of the business. If you can accept that in the business world why can’t you accept that in the blogosphere? You blog when you have something to say, when you have inspiration, and the time to put it online. So here are your dos:

  • check that you have something to say
  • make sure you can put your thoughts into words
  • blog about it
  • enjoy the process of thinking, blogging, and seeing your post online

There, that’s it. Start here and everything else will come.

Happy Blogging!

4 thoughts on “Blogging Dos & Don’ts

  1. There’s also the oft-forgotten fact that posting daily rapidly creates blog-fatigue for your readers, let alone for yourself. Cranking out something every day just for the sake of posting daily is a waste of ideas you could spend more time working with.
    I’ve been blogging for more than five years. I’ve seen dozens (if not hundreds) of blogs burn out and vanish. There’s no rush, there’s no competition and there’s also no hard and fast rules. When I began people said, start a schedule and stick to it, so you post 3x a week, each day having a specific focus (book review, article, picture) in rotation. I ignored that. These days I usually post once, sometimes twice a week, and that’s fine.


    1. I agree. Been blogging since the end of 2009. One blog is such a niche topic ( that you have to be selective what you cover. If you just become a link/news aggregator than to me, that’s not blogging.

      There are times I blog daily and there are times I do not blog for weeks. I never saw a huge spike or drop in visitors for that matter. I have a steady growth regardless of blogging frequency.

      Thanks for giving your thoughts!


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