Do you rewrite old posts?

red blog buttonIf you are like me than your first blog posts probably ramble a bit. They may not have been formatted well. You probably have a typo or two in there. I know I do!

When I read my first blog posts I always get the urge to re-do them. I’d write a proper introduction, cut up long paragraphs, use bullet points for emphasis, no more links in a different colour, etc.

So, what to do?

Rewriting an old text can enhance its readability. If the post was too long or too short you can add, expand your thoughts or, drop the redundant parts. You may have a picture now that fits perfectly. After that, you share the posts again on your social media platforms and explain that you revamped that post. That might even get you some comments from readers who like your idea.

If you wish to re-do an old post, consider adding an afterword below the original post. Just go to the end of the original post, type Afterword ,and blog about your reflections on your first or old post. Add the present date in your afterword so readers can see how much time passed between the original post and the added afterword.

Have you ever done this with some old posts? Do you recommend it?

Tip: If you change the title on your old posts, do not change the permalink so you do not mess up the post’s search engine results!

Happy Blogging!

12 thoughts on “Do you rewrite old posts?

      1. I’m glad you got it Alice. I think I’ve proved something of a point already as there have been more likes and comments than the original and nobody has said “Hey, I’ve read this before” – yet!


  1. Hi Alice. I just posted that re-written post on my blog. You may like to read it and if you click the first link ‘re-written a post’ you will go to my dissertation on how I decided to set up my blog management after scratching around for 6 months trying to work things out. If you find it useful info for your audience feel free to grab it. Regards


  2. Hi Alice. Thanks for your post. I have been giving this subject a lot of thought too for a while now and have already tweaked some of my old stuff. Now I have decided to completely rewrite a short post that is driven by the photos rather than the text as a test. It needs doing because the original now looks decidedly jaded (6 months ago when I was an infant blogger) because my photo-processing skills were inadequate. In fact all my blogging skills of then now look infantile. My approach is different to yours in that I prefer to present it as a completely fresh new post with just a reference to the old one. Trying to patch it up as a 6 month old post doesn’t really appeal to me. I hope it works. James


    1. I hope so too. Let me know what else you discover now that you have found your way as a blogger. I set this blog to help newbies and those who pick up blogging again after a while. All tips are welcome!


  3. Since I’m new to blogging I find that I re-write things that I wrote when I first started as I find my voice. Also for some reason matter how many I times I proofread things I always find type-o’s and I’m much to anal to let them go 🙂


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