Customize your Publicize!

blog text on enter keyYou have so many options to personalize your WordPress settings. One little overlooked  option is the publicize feature in the upper right hand corner.

Most people go to their settings, select “sharing” and add their social media platforms. They select the SM buttons they think their readers will use mostly and hit save. Then they add a new post and “publish.” The general idea is that WordPress now publishes your new blog post on the selected SM platforms with the link and title.



You just missed a superb opportunity to personalize how WordPress posts the link to your blog post on all your SM accounts.

Customize your Publicize pic 1
Customize your Publicize pic 1 by AdS

You went into your settings and added your SM accounts, right? Now we go back to dashboard to add a post. Your upper right hand corner now looks like this, see picture one.

See how I added for this example my Twitter and two Google Plus accounts?


Let’s pretend I am adding a new post. I save the draft, check my spelling, check in “preview” what my post will look like, and hit the publish button.

If you then check my SM accounts you will see the title of my post and the WordPress link (shortened and starting with wp). Since I added more than one SM account in my settings,  all my updates will now

  • look the same and
  • make my stream look boring

So why not change this and customize how WordPress posts your links!

Customize your Publicize pic 2
Customize your Publicize pic 2 by AdS

Go back to pic 1.

Under publicize, you see “edit” and “settings.” Settings is where you added your SM accounts. It is under “edit” that we are going to make a change.

If you click on “edit” you see in my example post the very creative title “example.” See picture 2. Pretend it is yours (and promise me you’ll be more creative with your posts’ titles!)

Now add a reason your readers should click on the link and read that blog post: add the post’s keywords as a subtitle! See picture 3.

Not only will this make your readers curious so they want to click that link, you just made sure that others can find that post when they search their SM platform by keywords.

Customize your Publicize pic 3
Customize your Publicize pic 3 by AdS

By customizing how WordPress posts your links you have the option to make small changes that will have big effects online.

Your wall or stream looks more engaging, you are using your keywords which is great for the search engines, and you make me curious to see what you blogged about.

Happy Blogging!

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