Never Forget the VT32

the names of the 32 people we lost on April 16, 2007 There are things I still cannot blog about and this day, seven years ago, is one of them. This is my first attempt.

As we remember Ross, Christopher, Brian, Ryan, Austin, Jocelyne, Kevin, Matthew, Caitlin, Jeremy, Rachael, Emily, Jarrett, Matthew, Henry, Liviu, G.V., Partahi, Lauren, Daniel, Juan, Minal, Daniel, Erin, Michael, Julia, Mary, Reema, Waleed, Leslie, Maxine, and Nicole who we lost, I cannot help but think about my students.

That semester, I was an adjunct at the department of Political Science and The International Studies Program.

The class that I had designed touched on capital punishment in the USA, the legal history, and clemency procedures. After that, we looked at capital punishment worldwide. Next, we studied gender-based violence especially honour killing and widow burnings. The last topic we were to explore in-depth in class was school shootings.

Commencement Program May 12, 2007 That is correct, my class was learning about school shootings in the USA and worldwide, reviewing the movies “tough guise” and “zero day” and reading from Katherine Newman’s book “Rampage; the social roots of school shootings.”

Now you see why I cannot blog about this day.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that Samual, Kevin, Iliana, Carey, Stephen, Beth, Tyler, Angela, Alec, Jenny, Renato, Tracy, Brittany, Francis, David, Arielle, and Traci are doing well. I remember you all fondly as a lively bunch ready to learn and to make a difference in the world.

Wherever you are now in the world, I hope that you are happy and healthy.

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