The Art of Running Multiple Blogs

Natasha Phillips
Natasha Phillips

Guest blog Post: Toblogganing – The Art of Running Multiple Blogs

Hello, my name is Natasha Phillips and I am addicted to blogging.

At the last count, I had 8 blogs. I have just started another, on gluten-free foods. That rounds us up to nine. Nine blogs, all under my name. And whilst it must seem unusual to someone unfamiliar with blogging, or perhaps just starting out, blogging culture is a lot more familiar than we might imagine.

I should explain that of the nine blogs I have started, four are now inactive. They were taken out of circulation due to various reasons including lack of time, a shift in interests and one of them being a short-lived platform my son used until he was old enough to create his own site. Just like any other work or social tool we might use, blogs can be started, stopped and scrapped – which makes them ripe for collection. They are fluid, and the culture surrounding them, is fluid too.

This lends itself really well to blog expansion and evolution, not just within a blog itself, but in the creation of multiple blogs. But when should you start collecting and what are the advantages and disadvantages of what I call Toblogganing?

The answers to those questions really depend on your reasons for considering running multiple blogs. As a copywriter and researcher, I find having several blogs on different but not always completely unrelated subjects, a great way to hone my writing skills.

However, I don’t have as much time as I would like to write about everything that interests me, so I choose the topics I want to blog about and incorporate some of them into my work. This gives me both a reason to write and a chance to improve my writing at the same time. For example, I have three work blogs – and they each serve a purpose. One blog focuses on the research that I do, another on the copywriting I offer and the last on events I organise in the fields that I work in. By organising my blogs so that they are a part of my daily work commitments, I can manage the time spent on each site and update them regularly (which is a bonus if you want people to find and eventually read your materials).

If you are serious about writing, having multiple blogs, offers:

  • The chance to cultivate your writing technique
  • The opportunity to diversify your research and style
  • The perfect platform for ensuring your different interests or job skills are in the social media space (particularly important for businesses)

There are of course, down sides to Toblogganing. If you are not writing your blogs to highlight one or more businesses, or working on them during the day, then time is going to be an issue. That said, as I mentioned earlier, blogs are not set in stone. You can leave them and come back to them any time you wish.

The administrative aspects of Toblogganing are also an issue to consider. Once a blog is live and made public, people will comment on its contents. Much time can be spent curating thoughts and ensuring that content from posters doesn’t pose any obvious problems: making sure your website is libel-free is an important consideration for bloggers. The law is very much a part of the blogosphere and most bloggers need to educate themselves at some point over the legal issues that affect writers and blog hosts on the web.

The disadvantages to running multiple blogs, then are:

  • Ensuring you have enough time to dedicate to each site
  • The administrative side to blogging: having to curate comments and keep house
  • The law: remember, you are responsible for any defamatory material written by someone else on your site

In many ways, running one site poses the same set of problems that Toblogganing does: it all depends on how much time you want to dedicate to writing and what personal benefits you hope to gain from the experience.

The ultimate question then, is whether it is better to have one blog or several, on the go. And that, I think, is a personal choice every aspiring blogger must make for themselves.

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