Tobloganing continued …

Computer keyboard keys displaying the word Blog in blue lettersMy dear friend Natasha explained in her guest post why she uses multiple blogs. She made several points I wish to respond to:

1: you may wish to write about completely unrelated topics

This was the most important reason for me to start a second blog. Blog #1 is called Defrosting Cold Cases. There I blog about unsolved homicides, forensics, wrongful convictions, books related to the above topics, etc.

I did at first add a category “blogging” but when my freelance career took off, I thought it was better to start separating the posts. I moved all the blogging related posts to blog #2. I am happy I did so since the blogs show different parts of me.

Another bonus: when everything was still on blog #1, the home page gave a conflicted impression. That home page is a summary from the latest 10 posts. Now they all reflect cold cases and are in tune with the blog’s theme, title, and style.

2: separating a work portfolio from private musings

This ties in with point number 1. Blog #2 has turned into my work blog as my clients use it for blog inspiration and to find tips. Blog #1 is the best ranking and the best visited blog and shows you what I can do with an unsolved case and a blog. But it is not about blogging in general. That is on blog #2. (Note that blog #3 is brewing as we speak).

3: diversify your writing style

Another topic that I really like to have some guest bloggers for because I am not a professional writer as you can see from my run-on sentences and grammar. I have a very creative brain that loves to dig into puzzling cases, yes.

I know many of you are copywriters, authors, etc., and I know that some of you even have separate social media accounts per blog. More about this later from guest bloggers!

4: time management

Time management it of the essence when you start tobloganing. Most people make the mistake that they plan or block time to sit behind the computer. However, that does not mean they have an idea what they wish to blog about. They spend quite some time searching for an idea and reaching the end of their blocked time before the post is done.

You need to schedule time to think about blogs as well as time to type them. Unless you have a blog manager who (among many other things) keeps reminding you and sends you blog ideas, it is on you to keep your creative juices flowing. And yes, that takes time (but you can hire me and I will gladly help you to keep you blogging).

5: keeping house

Especially on blog #1, I watch like a hawk who posts what because of point number 6. Comments are moderated there and I do have a Math Captcha. I block those who do not get the message: no name-calling, no street fights with victim family members, etc.

I do not tolerate any personal attacks on either blog. On blog #2, I am experimenting with a more open comment policy. Comments here are not moderated but I check them often. What gets deleted: comments just to get your link on my blog, self-promotion especially from completely unrelated services/products, and anything that smells like a fight you have in life and are now carrying over to the blogosphere.

6: you are responsible for any defamatory content that gets posted on your blog

This is something we need to post about more, folks. You are responsible. Your blog is like your house. It happens on your premises. This should not stop you from blogging and giving your opinion however, keep in mind that constructive criticism works very well and that your blog reflects your reputation on the web.

7: choice

It is your choice to have several blogs or just have one with multiple categories. It all comes down to what you want, what you want your blog to look like, and how much time you can dedicate to blogging.

Let me know your thoughts!

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