Where are your guest blog posts?

blog text balloonsAs bloggers we try to spice up our blog by inviting guest bloggers. The advantages range from giving someone else the floor and the opportunity to show their writing to your readers to hopefully tapping into a new readership. We make separate categories labelled “guest bloggers” so our readers can quickly find them. But what about the guest blog posts you write for others?

Of course, others will have done the same for you so your guest blog post should be somewhere labelled in a separate category on your host’s blog. However, your new readers do not know where to find those unless you posted somewhere  a “guest blog alert.” Did you do that every time?

You may have done so on social media. You may have alerted your followers there to that guest post and retweeted the link. The problem with this is that your main stream or wall gets cluttered so fast that finding those alerts is almost impossible.

When you guest blog for someone else you take extra care that your grammar is correct, that your punctuation is in place, and we go above and beyond what we do for our own blogs. So it is a good bet that guest post is fabulous!

It deserves a special place on your own blog. To satisfy the search engines we do not copy and paste it in full to our own blogs. That guest post remains the unique content on that host’s blog. But nothing stops us from having a page on our blog on which we show the links to all our guest blog posts. By just posting the host’s blog name and the link we do not “violate” any search engine’s rule but we do make searching easier for our readers.

I made a new page and added it to my menu bar. Now, I am collecting all my guest blog posts there.

What have you done with your guest blog posts aside from the alert on your social media platforms? Did you write a short notice on your own blog? Do you also have a separate page for your guest blog posts? If not, why?

Happy Blogging!

4 thoughts on “Where are your guest blog posts?

  1. I have not really done this – what does it mean exactly? You do an interview on someone else or you actually let them WRITE their blog and post it on your site or do you just reblog their blog? Obviously I have not tackled this yet and would love to know.


    1. Hi there,

      A guest blog post is a post you wrote but it is published on another person’s blog. So for example, you write a book review and I post it on my blog but I do credit you as the author.

      Interviews can be done in email format meaning that you send the questions to someone by email, they type the answers, return the email to you, and you post it on your blog.

      Never hesitate to ask me something about blogging. I set up this blog to share what I have learned from blogging since 2009.

      If you look at my guest blog posts you see that they all have different themes and styles. It really depends on who is hosting you and what type of post they hope to get from you.

      I hope this helps!


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