Not overnight, no.

Taking a breakOnce a blog is abandoned due to writing fatigue or because life got in the way, the question for the blogger is: do I start from scratch or do I revamp and continue?

There is something to say for both.

Starting from scratch gives you that “start over” feeling that second changes give us. A new slate, a new chance, and a new opportunity. Not being held back by all that made us feel bad, no. A fresh start to everything and to correct mistakes we made in the past. If this is what speaks to you at this point in your life, go for it. Experiment with a new theme and maybe even change the topic you used to blog about.

But do not delete the old blog.

Revamping an old blog has many advantages. It has posts that were indexed by search engines. The blog has a page ranking and a readership or following. And, if you delete the blog you may not be able to get the blog’s name back should you change your mind.

Instead of deleting, consider a make-over for the dormant blog including a new theme, subjects, and connect it to new social media platforms you joined in the period that your blog was dormant.

If lack of engagement or following was the main reason for abandoning your blog do not expect this to change overnight. Even if you dedicate 24/7 to the revamped blog it can be months before search engines reflect the improvements you made in the page rankings and search results. Aside from this, engaging on social media will be key to increasing your following. If you did not do your part to promote your old blog you need to step up this time. Promote the new design, show before-after pictures, and ask friends to review your new blog layout.

Do you have a dormant blog? What stopped you from blogging? And, did you take it up again or did you start over? I am really curious about this so please leave me your experiences in the comment box.

Happy blogging!

6 thoughts on “Not overnight, no.

  1. I have a dormant blog. I posted steadily for a year and then stopped. When I think back on it, I think the blog was more cathartic for me in the subject of a cross country move. By the time I stopped posting, I was finally feeling settled and able to look forward instead of staying stuck. I have not given any real thought to revamping or starting it up again.


    1. Hi Vickie,

      I completely understand. The blog was needed during a specific time of your life. Revamping this one might not be necessary and could be left “as is.”

      Since your life is in a different phase right now, it makes sense to not pick up this one again.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Great article, Alice!

    I have a dormant blog, and I thoght about both: redesigning and a new topic.

    But – redesigning with the old topics and subjects would not have made any difference. I was sort of fed up with them, so only a cool new look would not have brought back the engagement and commitment for writing.

    Then, starting a new blog with a totally new field of subjects might have been a great idea. I have two pages in my Filofax with a list of topics, do’s and don’ts. Second was the question: who is going to read it? Am I willing to take the controversial discussions that will appear – if people would ever read it.

    So I ended up still being undecided, almost as dormant as my blog. Thanks to your post I will reconsider the whole matter. Maybe I will actually start blogging again!

    Thank you, Thomas


      1. Thank you, Alice! I will try to make up my mind (in German), then think about blogging on a kind of food and nutrition topic for your blog (in English)…



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