Don’t invent the wheel. Take theirs and improve it!

red blog buttonEvery blogger, new and more experienced, can use a few tips now and then. There is always someone doing something more efficiently or in a more creative way.

There are many books about blogging so newbies: don’t crack your brains trying to invent the blogging wheel. Check what others do and give it your own twist.

Go to any bookstore and you will find case after case filled with books about social media, WordPress, blogging, marketing your, Google blogging, blog hosting, freelance writing, etc. Grab a few of these books, head over to the coffee shop, and make copious notes.

I do this every so often. I grab the new editions of those “dummy” books, get a coffee, and scan those books for tips and tricks.

The longer you have blogged the more you can skip. But as time goes by you change and your blog does too. Maybe now you do wish to add more photography, podcasts, or blog talk radio. Using a free WordPress theme but you want to change the header? Exactly what size picture do you need? If you are selfhosted, what are the latest plugins? Read the reviews, the tips, and you are better informed next time you scan for a plugin or wish to alter a theme.

If there is a blogging community where you live consider meeting regularly to keep each other posted and exchange ideas. Another idea is to get together with a few friends and let them check your blog.

If you are interested in doing this on social media consider the joining some of the blogging groups on LinkedIn. If you use Twitter, join the chat #bloggab every Tuesday evening from 9-10 pm EST. Patrick hosts a critique night every third Tuesday of the month. This means that the group looks at a blog and gives constructive criticism. I did this a few months ago. It resulted in very helpful ideas and attention to details I had overlooked. Try it out.

Happy blogging!

2 thoughts on “Don’t invent the wheel. Take theirs and improve it!

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I am not sure. Maybe some are too shy to ask or feel that as newbies they cannot participate in chats? It is one of the reasons why I started this second blog.

      There will always be people new to blogging who are looking for tips and tricks. I am not an expert at all. I started blogging in Nov 2009 and learned some things along the way. And I don’t mind sharing.

      I want this blog to be a safe place for newbies to ask, get tips, and connect with others. If you know of any other Twitter chats or groups that welcome all bloggers, maybe you can add them.



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