I don’t like your post but it is a must read!

all-thumbs-upThere are many posts worth reading and sharing. However, depending on the content I often hesitate to hit the “like” button.

One example came this morning when a friend gave an update about her husband’s critical upcoming surgery. I commented of course, but “like” it?

Another one that I saw last evening was about child abuse with a very graphic video clip. Yes, we must be informed but seeing a baby being hit repeatedly in various ways and with various objects is disturbing.

I wish we had an option such as “please check this” or in case of a post with a more positive energy maybe a button that says “must see.”

I know that you do not rejoice in someone’s misery if you “like” a post that tells us about a tragedy. Still, it feels awkward.

Am I alone in this?

Thoughts anyone?

4 thoughts on “I don’t like your post but it is a must read!

  1. Well, I’ve been doing some more thinking… If the post is about somthing sad, let’s say abuse/illness/accident I rather commet, to show support, rather than pushing a star. I would probably write something like “Thank you for sharing”. And if I want to spread the word, I reblog/link (or whatever it is called).


  2. No, you are defenitely not alone. I’ve been thinking about it since I started with Facebook (I’m a rather new blogger). It feels strange to push a “thumbs up” or a star when you see a picture, or read a text, about something sad or upsetting. But on the other hand – the person who is sharing an experience, describing the real world, need to be encouraged. That is what I think anyway. 🙂


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