How to create good blog posts and titles

blog type writer keysHaving a good idea to blog about does not mean it flows easily from your head to the keyboard. And, sometimes you have a great post but you struggle to find the right title.

Author Linda Poitevin shared this tip from her mentor. It tells you exactly how to build up a good post:

  1. Write down all the points you want to make in your post/article. No need to organize them, just get them down in bullet form.
  2. Organize your bullet points into their order of appearance in your post/article.
  3. Turn each bullet point into a full sentence.
  4. Turn each sentence into a paragraph.
  5. Write a brief introduction and conclusion.
  6. Do a final edit to make sure you have the correct flow of ideas (and to correct punctuation and grammar, of course).

Now about blog titles, a fun method to use is the HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. You fill in three nouns and the page generates a week’s worth of related blog post titles. For example, I filled in: music, sushi, and notebooks. Check the results!

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator 1
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator 1


Hubspot Blog Topic Generator 2
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator 2


Hubspot Blog Topic Generator 3
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator 3

The Hubspot generator is a free tool. It merely gives suggestions but just might give you the one that you never would have thought off yourself. It could also help to keep the creative juices flowing.

Two different methods to try. Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Blogging!

14 thoughts on “How to create good blog posts and titles

  1. Hi, Alice. Since I’m now venturing into magazine article writing, the blog topic generator is priceless. I’ve read so many posts from so many successful article writers about headlines and topics that it sometimes makes my head spin. The hard part is coming up with something genuine. I was amazed at how 3 random words can spit out so many interesting titles that generate topic ideas themselves. Thanks for the info.

    Great post!


      1. Alice, here’s an interesting one that came up: “10 Myths About Cats” which I changed to “10 Ridiculous Myths About Cats That Are Totally False.”

        I write polls and opinions at 1World Online, so I know that anything to do with kids and pets generates lots of attention.

        Okay, off I go to do some research about cat myths!



  2. [ Smiles ] I have never once in my life used a blog topic generator; I choose my topics randomly from my mind.


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