If I could uninvent this, I would!

light bulbAs you know, I love the WordPress Reader. It exposes me to so many different bloggers and materials that I otherwise would never have found. And if I did, I would have spent too much time online.

Anyway, I have started reading the blog posts on the Opinionated Man. Jason blogs about the harsh reality trying to offend everyone at least once. He rants and raves and I must say, on certain days it is refreshing to see another blogger rant.

I have published many rants. No, not here on this blog. Here, because a reporter thought it was cool to NOT do their research and then claim I wanted “to serve somewhat like the TV show “America’s Most Wanted.” As if!

And here, because people were starting to express really strange opinions online about what a president can and cannot do to stop executions. Here’s another one which can be summed up like this: Don’t tell me what to do! Get your own blog!

As you can see, I appreciate a good rant!

So, while scanning Jason’s blog I found this post: “If you could “uninvent” something what would it be?

It got me thinking about a lot of things that I would gladly send back to the drawing board mainly to be deconstructed and eliminated for good. The comments below Jason’s post listed:

  • snapchat
  • beeping washing machines
  • Windows 8
  • corn syrup
  • sliced bread
  •  subwoofers
  • and more

What would I add to that list? Well …

  • I would uninvent the spiraling system that they use in public schools and allow teachers to cover one topic in-depth before moving on to the next. Just “touching on it” makes no sense to me. I say this as one who worked in higher education and as a parent.


  • I would rewrite various criminal procedures to allow for post-conviction access to pre-trial evidence to permit testing with modern technology especially when dealing with capital punishment cases.

There is so much more. What would you uninvent or love to send back to the drawing board?

6 thoughts on “If I could uninvent this, I would!

  1. Human Rights. They make no sense! A Murderer takes someone’s life (which I am pretty sure is against the victim’s human rights) and then human rights activists start insisting this person be treated like a king in a luxury prison with internet access and bla bla bla. Denying him would be against his human rights apparently. HE’S A MURDERER! HE TOOK SOMEONE’S LIFE! I’m pretty sure the victim had a right to not be murdered! Where were you Human Rights Activists then? Ooh it makes my blood boil.


      1. I never said do away with them, they can just go back to the drawing board. As for freedom of speech, the new EC thing may be the beginning of suppression in that area. Trigger warnings may lead to pressure to write only fluffy nice stuff… That’s the theory. This types of things are becoming out of control. They need stripping back and redesigning. Not scrapped altogether.


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