Writing 101, Day #1: Unlock the Mind

cropped-class-seal_seal-class-of-june-2014Unlock the Mind is the first assignment from the Daily Post Writing 101 Blogging course. It is meant to be a stream of consciousness giving you a 20 min window into my mind.

This morning started out with its usual chaos. It is Monday, the beginning of the week. I made the mistake to write a week’s worth of to-dos on the Monday cluttering it up and making the day unmanageable. The only thing that kept popping up was the thing that I really did want to do today.

I want to write a post about some book ideas that are stuck in my head. One thing that I cannot let go of is sentences. Sometimes I hear a sentences and it sticks. I cannot remember exactly from which book, movie, or worse, who said it but the sentence, I remember. One of them is “the funeral is tomorrow.” I know, pretty bleak. Another I really wish to work on is: “I hold Suzie at Head Quarters.” That one actually is from a dream I had where I solved an anagram that was found on a piece of paper in a cold case file.

I am hungry but I am trying not to snack until dinner time. Not snacking takes discipline but it really helps to keep some pounds from returning. I really like my new smaller wardrobe and I want to keep it that way.

I am excited about summer as I get to travel with my sister and her family. I really need to check for archery clubs along our route because I want to keep shooting. Not to worry, I do not shoot animals. I only practice archery on indoor ranges shooting at targets. I could never shoot an animal. But, I have not been that hungry and without money so actually there is no telling what I might do if I ever was without any funding. Would I kill an animal to feed my family? Probably, yes. Just the thought of having to prepare an animal for dinner is just an awful imagine I know I will not be able to shake for a while. I think tonight’s dinner will be vegetarian. Hmmm … I think I have tofu in the refrigerator and maybe bamboo shoots. I wonder if we have coconut shavings …

This is just 10 minutes in the writing exercise. I know you are going to think that I am nuts. Nuts are a healthy snack … dang it! Snack again. I am really hungry.

The AC just kicked in. I always wonder about those movie scenes where people take the roster down and crawl into the duct vents. I am pretty sure they are not that sturdy that they can hold an adult crawling through. Or can they? Wouldn’t that be awful? You crawl into a duct vent and then somewhere it does not hold your weight any more and you fall down. Could end up or in anything. You never know what people have in their houses. Yuck!

Can you imagine ending up in someone’s laundry room? They just got back from a three-week camping trip and did not do last week’s laundry before returning home. Everyone dumped their hampers on the laundry room floor and it isn’t sorted yet. They argued who was going to sort at least darks from whites. But, when you fell down nothing was sorted yet so you fall head first into a pile of dirty socks and underwear. It had been in someone’s bag for about a week. Unopened, savour the fumes … gross.

Jeez, now what! I am still hungry despite the fumes of other people’s dirty laundry. At least it was real dirty laundry and not the skeletons in their closets. Can you imagine that mess? Meeting people and finding out what they did, what they have in their past, and maybe literally finding a skeleton they thought was hidden really well? Obviously not well enough if you can just trip over it. I’d freak out but then curiosity would win. Not sure what I would do. Maybe take pictures with my mobile trying to not use the flash so I would not get caught. Then what?

No clue, just hope that if that happens it is dry bones and not a decomposing body. Those fumes are worse than a week’s worth of dirty laundry. What is it with me and bad smells?

Oh, thank God. The twenty minutes are up, the bell just went off.

Note: I only corrected my spelling. Not sure if that was allowed or not.

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