Writing 101, Day #3: three songs

cropped-class-seal_seal-class-of-june-2014Three songs and a commitment to write 15 min per day is the third assignment from the Daily Post Writing 101 Blogging Course. The commitment is not an issue. I write much more each day. I do not always post it on my blog but I do write either on the computer or in my notebooks (yes, plural).

The three songs are a psychological hurdle. Melodies, lyrics, they make me feel something and as that is personal it is hard to blog about. But here goes:

I daydream a lot and one song that reflects that day dreaming stage is “More than a feeling” from Boston.  Just look at the way the song starts:

“I looked out this morning and the sun was gone
Turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away”

That is me, dreaming about everything and anything that pops up in my mind. I try to catch some of what I day-dream about and use it for blogging inspiration. But too often, the thoughts and feelings flow too fast, they clash, or they merge and form something unexpected. Usually, that is the point where I pour myself a cup of coffee and try to jot down what happened in my head. Can I use that for blogging inspiration? Too personal? Than it remains a note in my book.

By the way, the instrumental part of this songs can always get me moving. Not really dancing or jumping, but definitely moving.

Another song that moves me in a completely different way is from Liz Callaway. Her “Journey to the Past” from the animated movie Anastasia can bring me to tears. The lyrics reflect everything that is important to me: home, love, and family.

When I am in the USA, I miss my home county the Netherlands. When I am in the Netherlands, I miss America. I am fortunate to call two great countries home. My parental home in the Netherlands draws strongly on me. My mom still lives there. My old room still has the wallpaper that we picked out. My old desk is still there. Many memories are attached to that place.

We have had several homes along our journey moving from country to country after we both finished university. The world was ours! Yes, we moved around a lot. But it has never been an issue for me to make a home out of any student building, apartment, or house. It just needed us in there. The feeling of belonging was never attached to a building. It is attached to us. It still is. Getting older, I understand the meaning of home. It is love and it is family.

The last song is one that I cannot listen to. I have not been able to listen to this song for several years now. To be exact, since February 2006. “Welcome to My World” by Elvis Presley was one of my dad’s favorites. He passed away February 28, 2006. We played this song at his funeral service.

My dad (AdS)
My dad (AdS)

His unexpected, sudden death left us shattered and lost for a long time. Just having celebrated the Holidays and boom, he was gone. We did not make it back in time to the Netherlands from the moment he entered the ER. I said my good-byes over the phone that the nurses held to his ear. He shook his head indicating that he heard me. My mom, brother, and sister were with him and told me he did.

I sat on a plane wanting to cry and scream but acting like that would have gotten us kicked off the flight. So I sat there digging my nails into my skin, adding a cognac to my coffee in hopes it would make me drowsy enough to sleep.

As I type this, I am bawling over the keyboard hating this writing exercise that makes me feel lost again. I cannot listen to Elvis Presley without biting my tongue. Three songs, all about me.

Now please excuse me. I need to go outside and scream.

4 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day #3: three songs

  1. A very well done article. I almost didn’t click like because of the reason for your last song. I have mixed feelings about ‘liking’ someones grief. But for me it’s a Mental Hug reaching out to comfort someone.
    Much Love and Respect


  2. Thanks for sharing, and I enjoyed hearing your stories behind the songs. I can sympathize with your grief, too. Relax today, take a few deep breaths, and remember to smile 🙂


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