Writing 101, Day #7: black and white

cropped-class-seal_seal-class-of-june-2014Today’s assignment is about contrasts and I am adding another twist to the twist. Dialogue isn’t easy. It would take me a while to do that well. But, the following reflects a contrast too.

Day 7: Books or eReaders 1 by AdS
Day 7: Books or eReaders 1 by AdS
Day 7: Books or eReaders 2 by AdS
Day 7: Books or eReaders 2 by AdS

The assignment didn’t say we could not think outside the box and be creative, right? Let me know what you think!

Happy Blogging!

13 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day #7: black and white

  1. I can relate to your list: the good, the bad, AND the ugly of both forms. I have recently started reading a new genre, and the publishers ONLY offer digital formats, so my book-reading adventures are committed to my Kindle.

    There is one author whose books I ALWAYS purchase in hardback, and that is James Patterson. I have every single book he has ever written – even the ones he released just this year! 😀 Like you, I love that crackling sound when the book is first opened.

    You have a new follower! If you are interested in reading my weird take on today’s assignment, you can find it here: http://putittogether4u.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/lets-talk-about-it-day-seven-blogging-university

    ~ Angela


  2. I have a Kindle (though I read paper books too). My biggest problem is that I can’t remember the title of the book I’m reading on the Kindle. I didn’t realise until now, how visual my memory is. When you’re not picking up an actual book to read, you’re not seeing the cover each time! So when someone asks me what I’m reading, I find myself answering ‘Oh…it’s a book about a girl…and a monkey….and it’s something to do with being beside someone…’


  3. Concept shelved by plugged in writer. (Sorry – couldn’t help it…insert giggles here)
    Now if we can just put it to song….like that “You say tomAto and I say tomAHto…” or perhaps: “Anything you can do I can do better…”
    Lovely adaptation!


  4. I won’t buy an e-reader. Simply won’t do it. I love all books, even old, heavily highlighted, used, ripped books. (Actually, sometimes they’re my favorite). The ONLY thing I don’t like about books (which, I guess, really isn’t about books themselves, but about my money situation) is that I’m running out of room to house them all. I need a library. Hah.


      1. Haha! Well, I fully plan on turning one of the bedrooms/dens/basements/attics (pretty much ANY extra room) into a library. We still haven’t bought our first house (renters all the way, driving me nuts), and currently are living with my father due to his help (and our monetary) situation. So I’m going to make sure there’s room for a makeshift library in the first home we buy. Once I fill it, well, then they can spill over into the rest of the house. I’m okay with that. Ha!


  5. I love my Nook, but it also makes me sad to see so many bookstores closing their doors! I love the smell of new books, and splurge on a “real” book from time to time, even though the convenience of having so many books in one lightweight device is undeniable. I agree with your list here – and hope we can keep both on the market!


    1. Absolutely, I buy more books than eBooks. I’d love to see specialty bookstores make a comeback too. You can never have too many bookstores, or books for that matter.

      Thanks for reading. I will do my rounds a little later today.



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