Dark clouds

“So you heard it too, right? Tomorrow is the day.”

“Yeah, I wonder who else knows about this. I cannot imagine she’d tell anyone.”

“Why would she? Gonna be tough enough as it is later on.”

Jacob look away from his friend and pretended to study the huge bird flying over the open area behind his house. His friend was actually the younger brother of one of his dad’s coworkers. He had an apprenticeship downtown and often popped in to get a free lunch.

“Do you think she will have to be restrained? I read somewhere that you have these restraining blankets instead of straps?” Jacob said while still following the bird. That bird circled the field. It had its eye on a prey.

Sheldon looked at his fingers. He really needed to stop biting his nails. “We do have those blankets. Not sure they are heavy enough though to stop a teenager from trashing her arms if that’s what she’s gonna do.” He look at Jacob who was now really interested in the huge bird who had tightened his circles.

“Think your parents have some Valium we can sneak into her breakfast?”

Jacob turned and was actually shocked! “Can that kill her? We just want to stop the screaming!”

Sheldon laughed and said “Dude, we are talking about maybe 5mg to make sure she relaxes. Gas just isn’t going to be enough this time.”

“I know” Jacob said squinting his eyes and trying to find the poor rabbit or other small animal in the open field whose last minutes were almost up. “I will tell mom and dad.”

“Thanks, you’re a good brother. I gotta go. So we see you tomorrow?

Jacob sighed. “I still don’t get it. Why do I have to be there?”

“Because if you come along she will not suspect it is actually her getting braces. You’re up the week after.”

Jacob watched the bird dive, snatch, and sore back up into the sky carrying his prey. “Yeah, lucky me gets braces one week after sis.”

He watched Sheldon get into his car.

“I hate the dentist!”

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