Reflecting on the blogging university

blog type writer keysI wrote 23 blog posts in the month of June. Most were of course the assignments from the writing 101 course.

What did I learn?

1: that I have a very understanding following here as I did not lose one reader despite the fact that the assignments took this blog into different directions. Thanks, you rock!

2: following a daily prompt is fun. It gives you the inspiration to build your post around and if you want, you change it and make it your own.

3: writing every day is key to becoming a better blogger. It forced me the review sentences, my story lines, check whether I stayed on topic, and to make sure that I followed guidelines.

4: following a daily schedule is probably not doable for me combined with my freelance work. As much as I enjoyed the daily prompts, I did find myself struggling to make time for them. I managed 17 out of 20 assignment. That is not bad but those 17 did cut into my work time. The first week was doable. After that, my clients’ projects needed more time and I found myself struggling. My choice was to write something short and mediocre or skip it.

5: I highly recommend new bloggers to join the Daily Post’s courses. Why?

  • it gets you into the writing and posting routine.
  • it gives you plenty of inspiration what to write about.
  • it connects you with tons of very supportive bloggers who tell you about their work, the issues they face, and how they can help you.
  • it forces you to stay on topic and to be honest when you read another blogger’s post: did they follow the assignment?
  • it shows you how many other new bloggers there are and how they struggle to find their writing voice.
  • if you already have found your style you can improve it.
  • If you have not found your style yet these courses can help you to find out what does and what does not work for you.
  • you have an instant support system that will last even after the course is over. Many fellow course bloggers followed me and I now follow so many new bloggers I otherwise would not have found.
  • during the course you have a special blog for posting your links, comments, and concerns. In addition to that, there is a chat-room with the organizers who reply almost instantly.

Blogging in June was crazy but I enjoyed it very much. I will go back to my normal routine now after a short recovery period!

Happy Blogging!

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on the blogging university

  1. I dove into Writing101 headfirst when it started. I somehow managed to complete about 4 out of 5 posts the same day they were assigned, keeping that 1 out of 5 for the weekend to pay special attention to.

    Then weeks went by and I swear I’ve been working on the same three posts since at least two weeks ago (at least!). I truly enjoyed the class, and plan on participating in more Blogging U. stuff, but I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed in myself for fizzling out so aggressively.


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