Get seen fast on Twitter!

ready-set-blog by AdS
ready-set-blog by AdS

Depending on why you blog, you may wish for others to read your content and to discover you.

One way to do that is to promote your posts on Mondays on Twitter. Throughout the day, many people are retweeting and sharing.

There are two Twitter accounts you need to know about:

1: @MondayBlogs: Share posts and RT others using the hashtag #MondayBlogs. The hashtag was established and registered by author @RachelintheOC.

This is a Mondays only event. Use it to promote blog posts, bloggers, and authors. They reserve the right to NOT RT based on your content.

There are many followers on Twitter who RT so take advantage of that. Describe your post (Tip: use something different than the title), add the link, and add the hashtag #MondayBlogs. Your tweet will get picked up by others leading to traffic for your blog. Now that you see it works, return the favor and RT others!

2: @IARTG: Indie Author Retweet Group: follow this account to join their group, add the hashtag #IARTG in every tweet that you want the group to retweet, done!

Now that you joined that group and you see the RTs, return the favor and support the others.

Monday is the best day to promote your blog posts on Twitter. The posts need not be new but many bloggers are inspired to blog on Mondays because of this opportunity to get seen fast.

Happy Blogging!

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