To the gentleman in front of me

Jean Hagen from the Singing in the Rain trailer
Jean Hagen from the Singing in the Rain trailer

Yesterday, I was walking with my family downtown and we were messing with each other.

You are waking too fast, you are walking too slow, well you are not walking in a straight line!” You know how that goes.

At one point, I was walking up front and the gang was heavily teasing me. So I did what I always do: a Lina Lamont interpretation.

If you do not know who Lina Lamont is, use Google. She is one of my all time favourite movie characters portrait by actress Jean Hagan in the movie “Singing in the Rain”. She is elegant and dramatic, cunning yet blissfully ignorant, dumb with moments of enlightenment, and most of all she has perfect timing for evil plans.

The scene that I was quoting from was from the part where the “Dueling Cavalier” had to be turned into a talking movie. Lina Lamont gets wired for sound while her voice teacher is reminding her to use round tones. Lina of course, is not happy.

So when everyone was cracking jokes I smiled and with a broad grin dramatically said: “Everybody is picking at me!” Because that’s what Lina said.

In front of me was a gentleman dressed in jeans and a shirt. Short, cropped hair with rolled up sleeves. He immediately turned around and looked at me ready to walk to me for when I really needed help or support. I quickly said that I was with my family and that I was all right. I apologized for making him concerned.

At that, he left and I forgot to thank him. So here it is:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a real man who turns around when he hears a female voice expressing distress and check whether help is needed.

Thank you for being a real man who would walk towards a woman to help her when she needs it.

Thank you very much for being concerned for a stranger’s welfare.

Thank you!

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