He told the cops on her

grieving-angel-statueHe told me honestly that what he disliked most was to be continuously on edge. The slightest provocation would set her off. And, it need not even be a provocation. It could be the news, a magazine article, her soap opera ending, her hair. Anything.

He vowed he would never hit her, never return the violence, never file a report. Until the day he saw her hurt their baby. She had wanted an abortion from the start but then she changed her mind. He had his doubts but she softened so much after she saw the sonograms. She lightened up, became much less violent, less outbursts, and started to enjoy life. She had a smile on her face, became calm, and happy. Or so it seemed.

One day, when he had finished an assignment early his boss had given him the rest of the day off. He went to the nursery where they told him that she had picked up the baby early. He had not given them a note for that. There was no reason for an early pick-up either. They had agreed that full-time daycare was best for her to conquer her depressions, addictions, and mood swings.

When he arrived home, he saw her car in the garage with the driver’s door open. The baby’s carrier was still in the car. The garage door to the mud-room was open and with a heavy heart, he went inside. All was quiet except for the thumping sound of a ball bouncing down the stairs. And then he froze. There were no balls in the house.

He ran towards the stairs and saw his baby fall down the last three steps. Blood came out of her mouth and her neck was completely bend over. He didn’t hesitate. He ran to the phone and called 911. Then he cradled his girl in his arms telling her he loved her, kissing her little bruised head, feeling her dislocated neck bones. With tears in his eyes he looked up the stairs. He saw one hand sticking out holding a bottle. She was unconscious on the second floor hallway.

When the paramedics revived her she asked for him. He had already left in the ambulance with his daughter. In the ER, he told the cops what he had endured and had seen. And told them he wanted her arrested and charged.

I saw her at the arraignment. She was still foggy from the many drugs she had taken. She told me she took drugs that day to ward off the spirits that told her to play fetch with her baby. “Who called the cops on me? Nobody knew I was home. Nobody saw, I made sure of that. Do you know?”

I swallowed and bit back my tears. “I don’t know, sis. I really do not know what happened.” Then I got up and took my seat.

“All rise!”

This post was inspired by today’s prompt from the Daily Post. It is a work of fiction and absolutely bears no resemblance to my family. My sister is the most wonderful mom in the world who raised two gentlemen.

16 thoughts on “He told the cops on her

  1. OOOH my God. I was shocked how a mother can do this, I am happy I remain conscious to get to end. It was a nice piece, very well written , i was so much involved and got very tense, when man carried the baby OMG.
    I hope such stories do not happen in World.


  2. Ok, I read that twice because it kind of freaked me out a little. Was sitting here expecting a nice story and BAM…it hit me over the head like a hammer. Really captivated me. Good job for such a short story.


  3. It’s the “dig inside and wrench at your heart”, choices that kill you. Unfortunately,we tend to enable loved ones way too long and the heartbreaking decisions are made after the worst has happened. Great read Angela; it’s so real.


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