How many blogs do you really read?

cloud of words or tags related to blogging and blog design on a digital tablet with cup of coffeeI had a discussion lately with someone who was convinced that:

  1. people do not read blogs very often
  2. if they read blogs they do so at set times of the day
  3. people only read the title and the first paragraph

Since I have three blogs and spend quite some time on writing and updating, I was wondering whether it was true. People have a lot to read. At work, they have internal reports, continued education, and outside of work there are newspapers, magazines, sports, hobbies, etc. So how do blogs fit in here?

I read a lot. Many books, some magazines, and blogs. I really do read blogs. I have a blogroll on one of my blogs, here. It is incomplete because I read most blogs on the WordPress Reader.

As for when I read blogs, I do not have a set time and this is where I could use some input from my readers. If you read blogs, is it really at set times? When I start-up the computer, my email and work comes first. Then I blog and read. But it is never at the same time. How about you? Do you know bloggers who update at a specific hour of the day?

And the third point, reading only a title and one paragraph … I know that people’s attention span and patience can be in short supply on the web. However, I sincerely hope we still have the stamina to read more than that.

What do you think? Do you read blogs? Do we have the attention span to read more than a paragraph? How much do you really read?

6 thoughts on “How many blogs do you really read?

  1. I read quite a lot of posts on subjects that interest me. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I don’t normally read randomly – I don’t even know how I could do this on WordPress.

    For every four posts I actually click on, I think I abandon one early on and speed read / fully read the others roughly 50/50. I only ‘like’ posts I genuinely like, but I sometimes like posts just because of the pictures. I don’t comment as much as I would like outside the Blogging U courses – whether that’s a legacy of reading books, I don’t know.

    I tend to read people I follow in the morning (or as I notice their posts) and people I don’t later in the evening. But there are no fixed rules. I read anywhere I have internet access and a few minutes spare!


    1. I have trouble commenting too but if I like a blog I at least share it. I do not always have something to say so my share is a comment. I read on the WordPress Reader. Log in, and in the upper left corner is “my sites” and “Reader.” There you find the blogs you follow with their latest posts. I love it. I do edit and elect not to receive email updates to unclutter the inbox. Do you have the WordPress app on your phone?


      1. Sorry – I didn’t explain too well – I use the reader a lot. I search by subject but we don’t seem able to read random posts. I imagine it would just be too overwhelming to see everything posted – it’s hard to imagine the numbers.

        I don’t like e-mail updates either. On my phone I’m just browsing the web rather than using the app. I don’t have Facebook and though I do tweet I haven’t ever really got into it so far (I’ve just being checking out the Monday hashtag you mention). I used to like Pinterest a lot, so sometimes share picture related posts there.


      2. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried using lists in the Reader. You make one by typing a name for the list and adding it, then you get to edit it. Lists are public and you can share them. I found they seemed to load a bit too slowly so I stopped using them, but it is a way to group bloggers and/or topics.

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  2. Hi Alice,

    to answer your question: Yes, I do read blogs. I have the ones I follow and I always check out the subject of the posts and will likely read the whole article if it is of particular interest to me. If not, I’ll probably read the first para and skim the rest. I have no set time for reading blogs. It’s probably when I need a break from writing.

    Very good post, Alice.

    Best Wishes, Jill


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