Author Christy Santo on self-publishing

Author Christy Santo
Author Christy Santo

Please welcome guest blogger Christy Santo! I asked Christy to discuss her experiences with self-publication and here it is.

Earlier this year I self-published my first book Switching Stations Switching Stories through Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. It has been a good experience.

It is not to say it is easy. There is no publishing company to help a self-published author promote his or her book. There is no advance.

The self-publishing author has to:

1) find an editor at a cost he or she can afford

2) choose between designing his or her own book cover or hiring someone

3) locate book promotion websites that have free listings

4) set up social media accounts

5) make connections with other authors and anyone else of the author’s choosing.

Yet even with so much on a self-publisher’s shoulders, I would do this again.

The best things I learned to do have been to:

1) get into a rhythm of posting on social media in the mid-morning, early afternoon, and late in evening.

2) look at who I follow and click on what I like and, when appropriate, write a comment.

I do not skip a day of this.

I also make sure I write a blog post for my blog every Tuesday. Once I have the blog post completed and live, I make sure I share it on the appropriate Google Plus communities I am a part of, pops up on GoodReads, Twitter, and Pinterest. (I have a WordPress add on that does this for me automatically. However I always check just in case there is a snafu and it doesn’t happen than I can do it manually.)

Posting a blog and being involved on social media daily keeps me motivated and from worrying about how sales are going or fretting about when will someone review my book.  This is not to say it is fool-proof. It isn’t. But it works more often than not to keep me on task.

I fully intend to keep this up – not only with my first book but with my second. Yes, I have one in mind. In fact the second book is the result of the short story series I am doing now. It is a time travel piece where a doctoral student named Rebbecca falls down stairs outside of a Halloween party in 2010 and wakes up in 1983. I am already thinking about how I will expand this short story and what to change here and there to turn it into a full book. It is quite exciting!
Christy Santo was born and raised in Fanwood, New Jersey. In 2002, she moved to Bloomington, Indiana. She is a co-owner in her family’s Internet business since  the launch on Thanksgiving Day, 1998.

Though she enjoys her work and wants to continue it, she has always wanted to be a writer. This year, she published her first book “Switching Stations, Switching Stories.”  It is not your average vampire book! Find it on Amazon  or on Barnes & Noble. You can follow her on Twitter.

Your thoughts?

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