My anti-bucket list

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Thanks, I’m good!

Inspired by Sarah Elizabeth Boucher after reading hers: the anti-bucket list. Of course, I heard about the bucket list but the anti-bucket list? I was sold. So without further ado, here is my top 5 anti-bucket list:

  1. Eat Sheep’s Head, nuff said!
  2. Bungee jumping or any extreme sport. I am just not that kind of person so don’t even invite me to try. I will try your veggie casserole instead.
  3. Throw a party for thousands of people. I start hyperventilating just thinking about the security risks, having enough exits, oxygen, food, and clean restrooms.
  4. Eat insects, dead or alive. I don’t care how much protein is in them!
  5. Work at a fish market. Can you ever get rid of that smell?

Do you have an anti-bucket list? Do share!

6 thoughts on “My anti-bucket list

  1. 1: Eat sheep-head or eye, organ meat (however, I might try the eye… if only once);
    2: Working at a fish market, slaughterhouse, butchery etc.;
    3: Having children myself (too old to give them a ‘normal’ youth) or getting involved with a single mom; but perhaps adopting a kid, if only for a short time – helping them (back) on their feet;
    4: Convert to any religion – none, ever;
    5: Getting help for my internet-addiction 🙂


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