Twit, What, Blog!

red blog buttonThis morning I saw an interesting discussion between John Williams who blogs over at the Thudfactor and Allen B. MacKenzie, who blogs over at Mackenab.

The issue was two-fold: finding time to blog and whether Twitter and/or FB are driving some of us back to the blogs to comment and engage in banter that stretches over the 140-character directive.

  • Is Twitter becoming too restrictive if we have more to say than fits in 140 characters?
  • Is it problematic to read a discussion in several tweets?
  • Is making lists and only using those the solution?
  • FB is not a solution as we drown in the noisy content of the main news feed unless we put everyone in groups and only check/respond to those.

So, is it back to blogging?

Blogging is and always will remain the better medium to express personal thoughts as there are no limitations and restrictions. However, as discussed before here and here, you need to be careful with comments.

Open comment encourage discussion but they are also the perfect invite for those not having anything else to do in life but to spam your blog.  However, if we  leave spammers out of the discussion, how do we feel about more blogging versus using Twitter/FB?

Then there is the time factor. If we have less time to blog are Twitter/FB reasonable substitutes?

I welcome your thoughts and yes, I often check during the day for spammers who get deleted and blocked without mercy.

Happy blogging!

5 thoughts on “Twit, What, Blog!

  1. Yep, the are driving us back to blogs, but maybe a bit of extended, better connected blogs.


    Also, my thoughts on the topic from a few months earlier:

    I wanted to send a pingback, but it seems your site do not accept them.
    Please consider using webmentions:
    This reply was posted to


  2. As little as I blog now, Twitter and Facebook are still my biggest traffic drivers (not including people searching for stuff and getting me instead). I think it’s still a great way to share things. But Twitter’s character limit encourage knee-jerk reactions and oversimplification, and that’s not good.


    1. Agreed, John. But I also wonder how people use Twitter or FB. For me, I only check my lists. The main feeds are too cluttered. I check about four lists I made and respond to those first. Same on FB.

      Twitter and FB are indeed great traffic drivers but I think my main traffic comes from referring blogs and people who search the key words “cold cases.” For this blog, my main traffic drive is the WP Reader where I actively engage with other bloggers. The format of the Reader makes it so easy for me to read, like, share, reblog, and comment.

      I am not sure that SM would ever be able to replace blogs and maybe that’s just it: they are not interchangeable. But of course, I’d love to hear what others have to say!


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