Spend some time being me!

My friend Leslie often hits me with her unannounced profoundly insightful tweets. This is what she just unleashed on me:

Be me for a while, be someone else, be someone from far out of your comfort zone. Think about it. What will this do to your perception of people and would you be able to handle their daily lives?

Could you handle being a single mom in a less than comfortable apartment? Would you really be happy and feel that you have some control over your own life if you were a high-profile personality?

What would you do after you change back? How would that experience influence you and how you would now interact with people?

These are things to ponder and it will give you endless blogging inspiration. Thoughts can be left in the comment box.

Tell me who you’d be for just five minutes and how that would change your life.


One thought on “Spend some time being me!

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