Blog ideas for 2015

stock photography of a keyboardLast weekend, I made a short list of things that I want to blog about in 2015. As you know, I have several blogs but these two are the most important ones.


For my cold case blog, I will probably not make too many changes as my readers seem to like the format. Just google “cold cases” and you see my blog “Defrosting Cold Cases” pop up on page #1. So no dramatic overhauls there but I will:

  • continue the highly popular “Case of the Month” series. It highlights one cold case and I place it for a whole month in the top green menu bar for added visibility.
  • keep updating my cases index. Sometimes I write a post about a case update but I think it is better to keep all updates on one page so the reader has a quick overview of all the movements in all the cases.
  • host more guest bloggers especially on forensics and the latest in technology
  • analyze another historical mystery so if you have suggestions, please let me know. I already tackled the Man in the Iron Mask (you will love the update. Yes, I am serious!), the Dauphin, and the three-part series about the Princes in the Tower (part 1 is here, 2 is here, and 3 is here).


For this blog, I wish to start a few series. My ideas so far are:

  1. weird searches e.g. what keywords were used to land on my blog.
  2. love-hate relationships such as being addicted to watching a program on TV but as the same time constantly complaining about it.
  3. more flash fiction based on graffiti
  4. Round Robin stories
  5. Re-reading a children’s book and writing a review as an adult

Thoughts? Do you already have any plans or blog resolutions for 2015?

If you have ideas for me, please let me know!

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