2015 WordPress Wishes

Coaching - Magnifying Glass Concept.Dear WordPress,

We just celebrated our first five years together. It all started with this crazy idea I had to blog about unsolved homicides. Thanks to your easy-to-use system, the award-winning blog Defrosting Cold Cases was born.

As in every relationship, there is room for improvement.

I have a WordPress wish-list and maybe 2015 is the year they come true. Here goes:

    1. the ability to sort blogs in the “blogs I follow” section by blogging frequency and to have that display option in the Reader as well.
    2. limit the updates that change the dashboard. The latest updates didn’t do anything to make the dashboard less cluttered for me. In fact, it made it more annoying. I liked the old overview with all my blogs on one page and the old stats page was doing its job. Too many changes that are not crucial software updates should be made available on a “try this!” basis giving us the option to change or not. And I know, your rebuttal is that the old dashboard is still there but … for how long?
    3. I love the free writing and blogging courses and would be thrilled if we can do courses more often but of shorter duration. Setting time aside for a whole month is difficult but a 10-days commitment a few times a year is very much doable. I know that you need not do everything in the course but once a blogger signs up they go for the course to get the most out of it. Just a suggestion!
    4. the “My Sites” section basically shows me one blog unless I click on “switch site.” My left margin changes but the information in the main column does not until I select another site. In other words, more steps and clicks that do not clarify anything.
    5. Please consider giving users the option to make their login name different from the user name that shows up in other people’s “Users of this Blog” section.
    6. Please consider the option to sort blogs in the “My Sites” section so we have the option to place our most active blogs at the top.
    7. I’d like to see a blogging/writing course where bloggers can take part in a Round Robin. Each blogger would start a Round Robin story and ever week others can take part by sending their contribution. The blogger picks their favourite and that one gets posted and so on. Bloggers would sign up just like in your free courses and we get a commons to exchange thoughts just like now. Is that doable?

I will do my best to take part in more courses, support everyone in the Reader, and of course, keep using WordPress for all my blogs.

Thanks for considering!


Defrosting Cold Cases and Boomerang Zone

18 thoughts on “2015 WordPress Wishes

  1. I, too use WP and am glad it’s free. Being very low tech and usually time crunched I tend to leave it alone once my son has made any changes deemed necessary. He went to a free WP weekend a few years ago and loved it. Like you, taking major chunks of time out of regular life isn’t doable.

    I do know though that you don’t have to apply every update. I certainly don’t.


  2. I am an inexperienced blogger in comparison to most of your commenters. That said, I agree with the commenter who expresses her gratitude for Word Press ‘being a wonderful free platform’ as well as her comment that ‘change should not be just for change sake.’ “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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  3. I have to add my vote to the round robin idea, but you know you could do something like that yourself by using Linky and soliciting participants like bloggers do with blog hops.


  4. Good suggestions. Being blind and using screen reading software which converts text into speech and braille, I find WordPress very accessible compared to Blogger. Consequently I am, on the whole happy with WordPress. But there is, as you say room for improvement. Kevin


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