Statements that worry me

These statements have me concerned on a number of levels. I have not added why. Read them and think about the possibilities yourself.

  1. “Let your awesome out” from Emergen-C
  2. “Open Happiness” from Coca-Cola
  3. “Think Simple” from Honda
  4. “Keep Climbing” from Delta
  5. “I can reduce your flesh” from Susanna Cocroft
  6. “Start communicating for free today” from e-harmony
  7. “Don’t just fly from the airport. Fly through it!” from Delta
  8. “Together we get rid of pounds” from Weight Watchers
  9. “It drives you” from Honda Civic
  10. “Your clothes are part of a story” from Samsung

If there are statements that worry you, add them in the comment section. Maybe a PR or marketing person will see them and think twice!

2 thoughts on “Statements that worry me

Your thoughts?

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