Fellow bloggers or the competition?

blue keyboard free of rights but cannot be used as a stand aloneMy previous post about my intentions for serialized blogging in 2015 received a comment I wish to discuss: do you see your fellow bloggers as your competition?

Do you scan who is doing what to gain insights what to blog about or to be the first to try something new?

If you see us as competition, do you still support other bloggers by liking, sharing, and/or commenting on their posts?

I am curious how others see their fellow bloggers.

There are many tastes, genres, and interests. I do not think of my fellow bloggers as competitors. I think we complement each other so the reader has a varied blog reading menu.

Of course, some bloggers dominate in certain areas and they attract a lot of readers. Yet, they cannot offer certain readers what only I can: me.

What I think and write is mine alone. It makes my blog unique. I do not copy what others do no matter how popular they are. I may not attract as many readers as a celebrity but I have a core of returning readers. And that is what matters.

When I open the WordPress Reader of check what my fellow bloggers in various groups on LinkedIn are doing, I never think of them as the competition. I see variety, I see different styles that I appreciate.

A book reader almost never reads just one genre. I believe that holds true in the blogosphere as well.

What do you think:

  • is your fellow blogger your competition or do we complement each other?
  • if you think of fellow bloggers as competition does that stop you from trying something new out of fear that you may lose or not gain readers?
  • does your competition inspire you or hinder you to blog about what you really want to say?

7 thoughts on “Fellow bloggers or the competition?

  1. Interesting question! It’s something I hadn’t thought about because I’ve never viewed fellow bloggers as “competition.” (Au contraire! Fellow bloggers enhance and fuel a reader’s interest in any given genre.) Our voices/writing styles are as distinct as our fingerprints, and Alice is right in that each of us gives readers something no one else can give them — the person behind the post.

    Whether writing about crime, romance, world history or whatever, our individual backstories determine the angle from which we approach the narrative, and in doing so we enrich our readers’ lives, and each other’s as writers, in countless, untold ways. I like to think no one but Truman Capote could have written “In Cold Blood” and no one but Larry McMurtry could have penned “Lonesome Dove.” Doesn’t matter how many true crime stories or westerns are out there because a writer’s passion for his/her subject matter can’t help but expand a reader’s thirst for more that’s similar in nature, yet different with every story told.

    In my own reading, a single detail in an article or blog post (for example, a dog left behind in the wake of its master’s murder) might prompt me to get to a book about a dog that I’ve been meaning to read. We as writers are readers first, and we usually leave no genre untouched. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.

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  2. Not competition at all. I enjoy their words, even if we write about the same topics. These are all complimentary to one another — not competition. We all have different points of view and different takes on different things. There are as many opinions as there are people in the world. Why shouldn’t each and every one of us write a blog? Even the overlap in topics keeps the conversation going and keeps people’s minds expanding.

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