Can I use that image?

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Paws off my picture!

As bloggers we all want to spice up our posts with some nice images so we search online, on our social media platforms, and when we find something well… do you credit the person who took the photograph? Do you at least acknowledge the website where you found the picture by adding a link?

The Creekmore Law Firm’s Andrew Conners wrote a great piece worth reading. One quote: “The work need not be novel or unique, but simply original, meaning that the author—the person responsible for the creative input in the work—created the work without copying the work of another.”

So here are a few tips aside from all that Andrew lists:

  1. the one who takes the picture holds all rights and not the camera owner
  2. just because there is no copyright sign does not mean that it is free
  3. when you have a free hour create your own stock photography with your cell phone. Take pictures of stop signs, crossings, coffee moks, doors, etc. but avoid buildings and people unless you have explicit permission
  4. ask your family and friends if they have photography that you may use on your blog. Ask them if they wish to be credited by name and if so, do it! That is common courtesy.
  5. if you see an awesome picture from a fellow blogger, do this: contact them and ask permission. If so, add a link to that blog in your post and credit the photographer in the image’s caption.
  6. if you want stock photography, try Morgue Files where photographers clearly indicate what you can and cannot do with their uploaded work.
  7. if you want a more creative image, try Fiverr where you can get a graphic design for five dollars. I bought two and I can use them when and where I want. The first is the singer with the mike that accompanies my (long) short story “the Substitute Lead Singer” and the second one accompanies my novel (w.i.p.) “the Third Mistress” (scroll down).

Do you have any tips?

9 thoughts on “Can I use that image?

    1. I use a lot from friends and take pictures myself. The pictures of books on this blog all come from my own library and the I take the picture myself. Then I paste a few into one grid for this blog. Try Morgue Files and see if you think that those descriptions are clearly worded.


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