Spotlight on my top 6 commenters

Champagne, anyone? Photograph AdS
Champagne, anyone? Photograph AdS

Every blogger wonders what others think about their posts. I use this blog partly to try out my writing skills (especially for the serialized flash fiction) and these fellow bloggers have been steadfast supporters.

Drum roll, please!

My Top 6 commenters/post readers:

  1. She is blond and she blogs at “BlondeWriteMore” is determined to finish her novel this year but she always finds time to stop by my blog, read my flash fiction, and comment. I appreciate you!
  2. Jacqueline Gum is a an author who’s first novel title is “Confessions of a corporate slut.” She loves to read and is very active on LinkedIn. Thank you for reading my posts, Jacqueline.
  3. Ken Dowell from “Off the leash” is an author, blogger, history buff, and your Cajun guide! Thanks for reading my posts, Ken.
  4. Tim over at “Flat tires and slow boats” is your to-go-to man for travel. Seriously, he makes me want to take a year off and just cruise along the continents. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tim.
  5. Ronovan from “Ronovan Writes” is one of my earliest followers on this blog. I like his support, encouraging words, and especially his haiku challenges. Thanks, Ronovan.
  6. Lenie from “Frugal for everyone” hails from the Netherlands and her blog is filled with money-saving tips. Aside from that, she is an avid reader. Look her up! Dank je wel dat je mijn blog leest, Lenie.

Check in WordPress who comments most on your blog. Put them in the spotlights as a small “thank you!

13 thoughts on “Spotlight on my top 6 commenters

  1. Thanks SO much for the mention and the link! It’s my pleasure to read an comment on your blogs… I find them of great interest! I’m looking forward to reading more, too:) Keep at it with the flash fiction…:)

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  2. Hi alice; this is my first time here after reading your excellent thought provoking comment on lorraine reguly’s guest post on my site. i love how you are recognizing your loyal readers and commenters. i recognize all but one of them as i am fans of theirs too. and i really wish i had heard jaqueline’s book title before picking my own book’s title. sounds like she has a better imagination than me. although leading you out of the darkness into the light is getting great reviews. 😉 hope to get to know you and become a regular myself. take care, max

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    1. Max, welcome to my blog. On this one I have flash fiction and blogging tips. I must point you to my other blog as well as it will lead you from dark to darker.. it is filled with unsolved homicides! Defrosting Cold Cases, just check on my “about” page.

      I hope to read more of you as well. Glad I discovered BHB on LinkedIn.



  3. Alice, This is so nice and what a great idea. I feel so flattered to be listed with the wonderful bloggers above – several feel like old friends now. Ik vindt het heel leuk om je blog te lezen Alice en hoop dat er nog veel meer komen.

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