On Frenesí by Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw, FrenesiEvery Monday, I add a post inspired by either music or books.

For books, I use my personal library. What I write can be a reflection on the book, how I got it, what I found inside the book, or flash fiction inspired by something I read on either page 2015, 215, or 15. I will switch between general fiction and criminology/human rights.

For music, I will try to write flash fiction inspired by a song from Billboard‘s Pre-Hot 100s era. We start in 1940 and work our way up the charts.


Frenesí by Artie Shaw  was the number one on the Billboard pop chart on December 21, 1940.

It is Spanish for frenzy and you have to listen to it. It takes about 23 seconds for the music to start so don’t click away. It is worth it.

It is a very happy swinging tune that reminded me of old movies like “Singing in the Rain.” The music made me think about a swinging Jungle Book cast and I imagined that this music was played by a swinging Big Band.

The music changes constantly and it brought up images of fakirs, dancing snakes coming out of a basket, foreign farmers markets, and then suddenly… it is over. And I felt sad because I love this song.

I had never heard it before and now I am so very glad that I decided to post about the pre-Hot 100s from Billboard. I never would have found this if it hadn’t been for my serialized blogging.

I got so distracted by the tune that I forgot to write flash fiction.

Well done, Artie Shaw!

19 thoughts on “On Frenesí by Artie Shaw

  1. hi; great post. love the music from that era. also a big fan of old time radio. perhaps you will do some posts about the great comedies dramas and anthology shows from the period as well. best of luck with the blog and your flash fiction, max

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  2. At the risk of running afoul of the ‘URL police’, let me note that you can hear “Frenesí” at:

    Slightly OT –
    Are there any BHB members who live in New York City? The great Les Paul used to perform in the Big Apple every week in a small club and I really wish I could have seen one of those shows.


  3. Also grew up listening to swing in the form of Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller and the likes. Brings back a lot of memories when ever I hear those tunes; always puts me in a good mood.


  4. He was the “King of the Clarinet.” My parents had records of his, and I would listen. His band; Artie Shaw and the Gramercy Five, was very good. I guess as good a musician as he was, he was not easy to live with, he was married 8 times including being married to Lana Turner, Ava Gardner and Evelyn Keyes.


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