Frozen Beauty Winter 2015
Frozen Beauty, 2015. Photograph AdS.

If you are on the East Coast of the United States of America you have been snowed under, iced over, frozen shut, with schools closed. And, in anticipation of the next storm you ran out to do groceries as soon as the temperatures were acceptable enough to stock up the pantry. Am I right?

Saturday isn’t going to be an outdoors-y day so I’d like to invite my blogger friends to share in the comment section below one of their best posts. Yup, you can add the link to one (just one) of your best posts you want me (and others) to read. This way, we share our best work and we entertain each other while outside the next storm tries to top the previous one.


  1. one post per blogger
  2. no adult content
  3. marketing posts will be deleted as well as
  4. posts that contain discrimination
  5. My blog, my rules.

Stay safe, stay warm, keep writing, keep blogging, and share your posts.


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