How does the weather affect your blog?

Water bottle left in the car during one of the last storms, photograph AdS
Left in the car during a storms, photograph AdS

Many of us in the United States have dealt with weather related issues. Snow, freezing rain, ice, and sleet have caused power outages, delays or closed business hours, schools, and other services we use.

  • Have you also noticed the effects on your blog?
  • Have you seen less readers on your blog?
  • Are there less comments, likes, or shares?

I have definitely seen less engagement on my two blogs. Many of my readers were struggling with power outages. When it got back on, everyone tried to catch up with family and work.

I bet that the emails alerting them to new blog posts didn’t get priority and rightfully so. Family comes first and we need to catch up with work. So here is my question to you:

Will you pick up blog reading where you left off (e.g. going back in your email to find alerts or scrolling back on the web to find the post you last read?) or will you continue reading from the moment life went back to its normal routine?

7 thoughts on “How does the weather affect your blog?

  1. I continue from the moment my life was ‘normal’, I think – if I have missed a few days of blogging, I often don’t scroll through all of those days’ posts on my reader. Instead I only read through the ones from that day. Your post is interesting – I have also noticed a drop in engagement in the past day or so. The weather is a definite possible reason!

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