Starting over

Coaching Concept. Magnifying Glass on Old Paper with Red Vertical Line Background.Have you ever considered starting over?

I mean really from scratch rebuilding an existing blog?

If so, why?

  • Did the topics become too diverse and you wish to separate them?
  • Do you feel less engagement from your readers and you just want to start fresh?
  • Was your blog a combination of personal and work related posts and now you wish to split them up?
  • Have you changed jobs and feel you cannot continue on one blog if there are posts referring to a former position?
  • Do you resent what you wrote several years ago?

A new blog does represent a clean slate and a new challenge. However, there is a difference between starting a new blog because you wish to split up topics and starting all over because you feel a dissatisfaction with your blog or what you have written.

If your writing style has changed I understand that you can feel tempted to change old posts. Maybe you feel that you need to completely rewrite some.

Sometimes people have a fundamental change of heart about someone or something. It makes them rethink what they wrote. Some delete posts, some rewrite them, and some start over.

If you started over, what did you do first?

  • Delete the old blog or set up a new one?
  • Did you read all the old posts first to see what could be salvaged or not?
  • Did you get a new domain name?
  • Is the old blog still public or did you make it private?

Of course, what I wonder about most: was it worth it?

  • Did you achieve what you hoped for?
  • Was starting over the right decision or did you just needed a break from the old blog?
  • Any regrets?

If any of you started over, please tell us about your experiences. If you ever felt like starting over but ultimately decided against it, let us know why. What stopped you? No judgement, this is a learning experience for us all.

2 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. When I left my job to finish my novel, I established two blogs — one about the area where my novel takes place; the other for my consulting business. As my writing career evolved, so did my blogs. I think that my soft approach let me evolve, although a more strategic approach would have been to explore first before setting up the blogs. My original blog completely satisfies my purpose. No regrets.

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