Bad Hair Bloggers

Scroll down for updates to this post! This morning when I checked my Twitter stream, I saw that my friend John Williams was active so I tuned in. John blogs over at the Thudfactor, works at NewCity, and I have taken his advice more than once. So when he tweets I check.

I found a link to an article from the Chicago Tribune where columnist Heidi Stevens describes how she was criticized and judged for her hair instead of her journalistic work. She is not a model, she is a journalist. Her hair does not decide what she writes or researches, her brain does that. Despite this simple logic she got some nasty comments from people who expect all women to look like a shampoo model.

Reality check, folks: we do not all look like a model and that is ok!

It is actually very tragic that in 2015 we are still discussing each other’s hair and that some of us have to point out that it doesn’t matter.

I can rant and rave here about prejudice, male attitudes, female behaviour, and marketing but I decided to do something else.

I am starting the bad hair bloggers club!

#BadHairBloggers by AdS
#BadHairBloggers by AdS
  • If you are a blogger, male or female, take a selfie.
  • Proudly show your less than shampoo-model-perfect hair. It can be your hair after wearing your helmet, after sports, or even your bed hair. Just don’t style it e.g. using products.
  • Post it on your blog and explain why you are doing this. You can say that it was just funny to do or explain why you are tired of being judged for your looks instead of for your talents and professional knowledge
  • On your social media accounts, use the hashtag #BadHairBloggers, and let me know that you posted so I can like, share, and retweet you.


UPDATE 1: my friend Natasha Phillips from the blog Researching Reform is joining us and kindly allowed me to post this picture.

Natasha Phillips, used with permission
Natasha Phillips, used with permission















Update 2:

Update 3: on March 18, blogger Mitali was messing with her hair and last evening she gave me permission to add this to the post. Thank you!

Mitali, used with permission
Mitali, used with permission

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