Michael, Path of Angels by Patricia Josephine

Michael, Path of Angels (cover provided by author)
Michael, Path of Angels (cover provided by author)

This is not my usual post but as a fellow indie author I know that we need all the marketing help we can get.

Patricia Josephine‘s book Michael, Path of Angels is coming out today. The book is about Michael who is a mortal archangel. His job: find Fallen Angels.

As dedicated as he is, things change after he meets Lake Divine. It makes him realize that fulfilling a duty without ever questioning it might be contrary to his own beliefs.

Lake Divine is battling his own demons haunted by their parents’ past and is trying to find his own way into the future.

Patricia Josephine, used with the author's permission
Patricia Josephine, used with permission

Author bio:

Patricia’s visors were not set on becoming an author. Creating art was her main focus. One day, she finally put the story she had in her head on paper. That story kicked of the Indie Author career.

Patricia writes for young adults under the pen name Patricia Lynne. She has illustrated a children’s book under the name Patty Royal.

She lives near our Northern most borders e.g. Michigan where she hopes to start a petting zoo.

Her various hair colours remind me of Nymphadora Lupin, a.k.a. Tonks, the half-blood witch who steal Professor R.J. Lupin’s heart.

Of course, we Potter fans know that Tonks is a metamorphmagus meaning she can change her appearance at will as she does to entertain Ginny Weasley in the Order of the Phoenix.

Now I wonder about Patricia…

For more information, please visit her website. Hope you enjoy her book!

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