A pissed off hippo in a tutu

Blame Amie. Yup, that Amie Gibbons who blogs over at Amiecus Curiae. Really, go ahead. I’ll wait for you to come back.

Her Monday Coffee Prompts for March 23, 2015 was: “A hippo’s in a tutu and it’s pissed.” I just changed it into “a pissed off hippo in a tutu.”

I have actually seen a hippo in a tutu, no kidding. I have it on tape. Hyacinth Hippo appears in Fantasia. It is one of my favorite Disney movies. Hyacinth is of course not mad and loves the attention she gets. But this post isn’t about Disney, it is about imagination.

Video tapes from Disney's Fantasia movies
Fantasia by AdS

To come up with a prompt like that either requires a creative brain or it is a twist on Fantasia.

So here’s my question: have you ever thought about a blogging prompt only to find out that it is exactly like or a twist off something you read or saw?

And then what did you do?

  • Did you give credit to the source and posted the prompt in your post, or
  • did you change it and made it your own, or
  • did you abandon the idea all together and write something else?

I am wondering about the point where we give up on being creative because let’s be honest, being creative is exhausting. If I write for four hours per day on either my blogs or crime fiction, I am tired. My brain feels like a cotton candy ball that is starting to form hard patches. And it hurts because it is impaled by that wooden stick. The otherwise fluffy, light, and happy swirl slowly turns into a brick.

Coming up with something new is an enormous challenge for those who blog daily but even blogging weekly can be a chore. Also, blogging about something you read, saw, or heard may only be possible if your blog’s topic is suitable for such posts.

If you blog isn’t a personal one but it covers a theme such as contract law or World War I, how do you keep your creative juices flowing aside from reading about your topic? Do you ever take creative licence and switch things around? Have you used tools that we normally do not think about when we look for writing/blogging inspiration?

  • What do you do when your brain just doesn’t want to be creative anymore but you do want/need to blog?
  • Do you just skip a day or check in the WordPress Reader what others are doing? Tell me.

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