My Top 5 blogger’s duties

It is a great life, being a blogger. I get to write about any topic that I like, I write when I want, and crucial, how I want.

No deadlines unless I impose them on myself and nobody else has the last word but me.

Yet there are things we must do and we do not always like it. For example, updating plugins if we are self-hosted. We may not pay attention to comments and spam for a few days but then we find hundreds of comments to delete when we return.

Original Royal typewriter, Photography AdS
Original Royal typewriter

ManPower notes the following:

Blogging is not journalism. Blogging involves self-expression.

Journalism seeks to disseminate facts as unbiased and be as impersonal as possible. 

In their pure forms, journalism and blogging are two different professions, though they may have similarities and may overlap.”

I agree.

On our blogs we can be personal, express our thoughts, and how the facts make us feel. That’s what makes our posts unique. A journalist puts their own set of values aside and report the facts.

Now look at the tasks that ManPower assigns to bloggers. If you had to assign an order of importance here, what would you place in your top five?

I think that everyone’s top 5 will look different depending on the character of our blog.

A personal blog detailing family history for the next generation may not be too concerned with SEO optimization to attract other readers from outside the family but place more emphasis on images and detailing memories.

A blog that consists of reviews will want to place more focus on SEO as they want their reviews to be found by others.

My top 5 blogger duties for Defrosting Cold Cases:

  1. Conduct research to get factual information and authentic details about unsolved homicides, missing person cases, and the unidentified (about various cold cases, possible work from other cold case bloggers, suspects, new technology, etc)
  2. Answer emails (I get a lot of email from families and friends. They give me images, insight into the victim’s life, and details to use on the blog to update a victim’s post. I am very grateful for this so I schedule time in my day to check for email)
  3. Handle social media activities such as posting to Twitter,LinkedIn, and Facebook (creating awareness for the victims’ stories is key to ultimately get the cases solved so posting on my social media platforms is crucial)
  4. SEO implementation (needles to say I pay attention to this. The better written and optimized the posts are the greater my chances are to be seen online as there are so many crime blogs)
  5. Perform blog maintenance activities such as updating plugins (crucial to keep the blog running smoothly. Always make sure that you update plugins one-by-one. If one misbehaves than you know which one it was. You can then go back, reset, etc.)

My top 5 blogger duties for Your Blog Coach:

  1. Write fiction and nonfiction content for the blog (this blog is dedicated to blogging and writing so it has a broad range of posts that can be included here)
  2. Choose subject matters that interests readers (I try to gauge what you wish to read about by looking at the WordPress Reader, checking on social media, and reading other blogs to see if there are trends and whether I have anything to add)
  3. Manage the blog by moderating and responding to comments (I check comments daily as I want to be available for new bloggers who may have questions or could use a word of encouragement)
  4. Handle social media activities such as posting to Twitter and Facebook (posting to my social media platforms and participating in #MondayBlogs on Twitter have grown this blog’s readership. It is just one year old and being active online has helped it get seen)
  5. SEO implementation (I try to make sure that I have a good word count, use keywords, think twice about the title, add an image, etc.)

What are your top 5 blogger’s duties? If you have multiple blogs, do those duties differ like I described?

6 thoughts on “My Top 5 blogger’s duties

  1. 1. Answer all my comments
    2. Review all the blogs that I follow and comment
    3. Search for guest bloggers – a constant search. Alice – do you fancy it?
    4. Plan my posts for 3 days ahead
    5. Edit posts again and again

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      1. You know all about blogging and Twitter. Just thought you could do me some blogging tips for Twitter for us newbie tweeters. You are like my Twitter blogger expert and I thought it would be cool to share the love! I still remember you turning around my old post and tweeting it – its one of my best performing posts. Let me know your thoughts.

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