My top 3 apps for blogging

I used to blog exclusively from my desktop but I have found three ways how my smart phone can help me in between the times that I am away from my desk. I use these three apps almost daily.

1: WordPress

Download the WordPress app and you can blog from your smart phone. I have not written full posts on it yet but I use it to create drafts, upload images to the media library, check comments, delete spam, and read posts from other bloggers on the Reader.

If I get an idea for a post, I used to email or text myself. Then at home, I’d check email or my phone for my own messages, copy that to WordPress, and then write a post. Now I do it immediately in WP and save time.

2: Photo Grid

I am always on the look out for images that I can use on my blogs. It is ideal to use your own. As the photographer, I know that it is free of rights. I save my pictures to the gallery on my phone and then I personalize them with Photo Grid. I can make picture collages, change the background, add a border, add text, and make the image even more unique and easily identifiable as my photo art.

After I am done, I save the picture in a special file (so I have the exact dates of creation) and with the WordPress app I upload it to the media library even if I do not have an immediate use for it.

3: Dropbox

My images and some drafts are copied to Dropbox. It makes it easier for me to work from various computers and locations. I have files for each blog and each “blog” has files per topic, case, item, etc. It is a wonderful way to add details, store an image, and enhance posts no matter where I am. I always have access to my work.

What are your top 3 apps that help you with your blogging?

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