Respect my time as your blog reader!

There is emailing “a new post is up” and there is overload. And there is a lot of overload lately. Every site where people go to find the best practices to become a successful blogger tells you to set up email lists, add a newsletter, alert your readers on your social media platforms, etc. They write from their point of view but they hardly keep the reader in mind.

Readers make or break a blog. Every one of us must not overload the other and be respectful of readers’ time.

Here are my views as your blog reader.

1: If your blog is not readable on the WordPress Reader, I do appreciate a short email that a new post is up. However, that does not imply that you can add me to your newsletter listserv or any other marketing service. I also do not want to receive eCards from you. Just the blog post, please.

2: If you blog is on the WordPress Reader, I will select the option to NOT receive notifications by email and read your new posts on the WP Reader. If I can cut the influx of emails I will.

3: If I leave a comment on your blog than you do not have my permission to add me to email lists. If you do, I will filter them out and direct them to automatically go to spam. I may also unfollow your blog if you are not respectful of my privacy or my time.

4: If I agreed to receive your newsletter and all that I find is your blog’s content rehashed without any new information added, I will unsubscribe. Subsequent newsletters get filtered. If there is no added value I will go in unclutter mode.

5: If you emailed me that you have a new post up, I expect you to leave it at that. Automated tweets that your new post is up followed by direct messages on Twitter that your new post is up will make me ignore that new post. I may unfollow you if I asked you to stop and you continue this practice.

As your reader, I have time constraints so use my time wisely!

5 thoughts on “Respect my time as your blog reader!

  1. Some good points. I just started using twitter to promote my blog. There are people who follow me on twitter that don’t subscribe to my blog, so I do send tweets saying a new post is up, at times. I’ll try not to overload everyone. And I do send real tweets as well.

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    1. I do too. It is a mix. I also use Twitter to chat with friends like text messages. I have two blogs. My traffic from the other blogs is fueled by Twitter (and search engines) but the shares I get there are awesome!

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      1. No one likes auto-DMs about anything, but I didn’t even know it was possible to send them out for new blog posts. I only knew about the ones in response to new followers, and if those contain words like “feel free to follow me on all my other social media venues (with links to a landing page)” or “via -justfollowme” or whatever, about 70% of the time I will UNFOLLOW right then, because it says to me they’re running all their social media on autopilot, making it UNsocial media (if not ANTIsocial media) and I’m not playing. If it’s an author offering a free eBook in thanks for the follow – and if it’s a GOOD eBook – then okay. 😉 No harm, no foul. If they also follow up with a REAL Tweet, I might overlook it. But there are a lot of “throw-away Twitter accounts” out there, set up solely for the purposes of garnering followers and “amplifying the message” – and I have zero interest in their reindeer games.

        I will say that I use WP’s JetPack and its Publicize module, and at some point I’ve hooked together things like Tumblr and another blog so that they all Tweet for each other… I’ll go in and see four tweets announcing a new post of mine and cringe. But then I figure I’m not auto-DMing anyone and I don’t think any of those things have a lot of people watching my overall Tweet stream, and maybe two people over the years have even questioned it… so I just leave it be. 🙂 It’s not really meant to be “spam.”


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