Fluid Motions

Every day changes things in our lives. What others do, say, ask from you, they all create a shift in your thinking, actions, and plans.

My plans have changed. After a year of combining criminal justice and cold case blogging with coaching people I found that I do not have the energy to do both. Each path has its own demands. The criminal justice path demands a lot of resilience, reading, making timelines, and comparing minute details. The other requires acquisition, following up on referrals, meetings, project discussions, many emails, networking, and more. They do not match.

I have thought about this for a while especially after the grand jury decided there was no probable cause in the Eric Garner case. It has simmered ever since.

Every week I am contacted by murder victim family members. They want to add their loved one’s case to my to-do list (read: binder). They want a listening ear as others have stopped listening to them. They want to know that someone still cares as others have stopped asking questions or sharing memories. They email me asking if they are crazy for still feeling pain and for feeling abandoned.

As hard as it is to deal with crime case details (and you really get to see society’s finest in action), I seem to have more energy for this. I guess that my passion for criminal justice and equality fuels me more efficiently than my imagination fuels my creative writing. Every time I go back to my novel my eyes glance sideways to the binder with all the cases that I still have to look at. Or I quickly check for court updates in cold cases. Or I check the database. In short, we need to make a change.

This blog will turn into a personal one. Where that road leads, we will see.

I am changing the name from Your Blog Coach to the Boomerang Zone. If you love Calvin & Hobbes you know what this means: everything is reversible. It represents a flexibility of the mind to adjust as life changes. It reflects my sense of humor and what I feel at this moment.

Going back to criminal justice does not mean I failed as a blog coach. It just means that I took a hard long look at myself and decided to go where the heart lies. Wish me luck!

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