5 luxuries I cannot live without

You have seen those writing lists with prompts, right? One prompt that always pops up is: what is the one luxury you cannot live without?

Well, I am spoiled rotten so I cannot pick just one item but I can limit myself to maybe 5 items. Let’s see: I cannot live without the luxury of

  1. a shower. I need a morning shower to wake up and get me going. Aside from that, I think of showering as a community service.
  2. coffee. I love coffee. You might even say that I am a coffee addict. I love grinding beans, I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, I love the warmth of the coffee cup in my hands, I love that first sip that touches my lips while the steaming coffee crawls up in my nose.
  3. my fountain pens. For me, they are the best writing tools in the world. Pencils are too thin and cramps my hands. Despite soft grips, most pens also cause cramps. Aside from that, pen ink does not flow over paper as smoothly as the ink from a fountain pen. My handwriting is clearer and more even. No pen does that.
  4. my books. I love to be transported to another world or period in time that doesn’t resemble my own. It doesn’t have to be about rainbows and sunshine. I’d get bored with that. But the crazy world of literature Detective Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde or the magical world of Harry Potter can push unsolved homicides and other human rights violation cases to the back of my mind. Never out of my mind but enough to give my brain a rest and to envision a different place.
  5. water. Water is a luxury for so many people on earth. We are spoiled. We can open the faucet or get chilled water from the fridge. No miles to walk to the nearest well, no boiling or filtering, no “one tub baths us all.” It is a privilege and water really is one of my favourite drinks.

Any luxury items you cannot live without?

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