I am off the charts!

Checking on the Daily Post for a writing prompt I see this one: Your Number One. The prompt is about the #1 song on the day that you were born. If you don’t know which song topped the charts you can look it up. They have included a helpful link for that.

Naturally I have no clue which song was topping the charts on the glorious day of my arrival. Mom didn’t tell me and I seriously wonder if she’d really know. But hรจ, she just might surprise me.

I cannot call mom now so I follow the link and hit the website Birthday Jams.”

So far so good.

Of course, my arrival in the family was a reason to party so I select “top dance tracks” and select my day and month of birth.

Still good.

top dance tracks/adsBut then I look for my year of birth. I scroll down and… I cannot scroll further than 1975!


We were swinging in the 60s too, you know!


With utter disbelief I go see if the alternative rock scene accommodates us from the 60s. I scroll down and…

alternative rock/adsI get stuck in 1989!


I was already studying law at the Erasmus University then.

Now I am really desperate. It is as if we 60s kids do not exist.

Not recognized by the mainstream birthday jammers. As if we don’t dance…

My only hope now rests with the charts from the USA and the UK.

Don’t let me down now, guys.

If you hear screaming, I am off their charts too.

I expect you to come cheer me up by singing a song to me from the 60s!

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