Writing is like breathing

Original Royal typewriter, Photography AdS
Original Royal typewriter/AdS

The first assignment from the 2015 writing101 course is: why we write. Well, how can I not write?

If I didn’t write than some thoughts would be lost forever. Not that I think highly of myself but I wish that I had my grandmother’s diary or my parents’ school notebooks to read what they thought when they were young.

They lived in another time, another continent, and their struggles made them the adults I got to know. But I would have loved to know them as teens. Just to get a glimps and see what we have in common. At least now my daughter has some sort of archive to find out what her mom was like when she was a tad younger. Of course, I may selectively make a diary of two disappear but that is beside the point.

If I didn’t write than some criminal justice cases that I work on would never pop up online. Not every unsolved homicide has a celebrity spokesperson to speak for the victim and to call on the authorities to take action. I take those old pre-DNA stories and at least write a case overview so the victim’s name is searchable on the Internet. These victims deserve to have a digital footprint.

If I didn’t write my head would be too full and I don’t have a pensieve. Dumbledore was not good in sharing. He ignored my many requests regardless of how much licorice I promised to deliver to Hogwarts.

Writing allows my brain to let off steam. Writing takes the overflow onto paper where it can simmer until I have made space in the gray cell matter to mull things over again. Paper is wonderfully patient as opposed to my brain which is dominated by my character.

If I didn’t write then well, you would possibly not have gotten to know me as I am an introvert. I am not comfortable in big crowds, meetings, or networking groups.

If you know me then you are either related to me (so you were somewhat forced to get to know me) or we are friends (so you decided to give it a go, thanks), or you found me on the WordPress Reader (thanks for reading), or you did an internet search for a victim and landed on my other blog (again, thanks for reading).

Now tell me why you write.

16 thoughts on “Writing is like breathing

  1. I’m doing the writing 101 assignments, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with all your thoughts about writing… how can we not… we are writers! I do have a lot of my relatives old notebooks, letters, and such, and it is so interesting to go through them all. I also find things like this at yard sales. Some letters as far back as WWI… such stories they tell…


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