Things I don’t like: lists

Durrenmatt's book "das Versprechen" / AdSMaking lists is a very popular blogging technique that shows up as assignment in every writing course that you take. But here’s the thing: unless it has a theme I do not like lists.

To me it becomes a random summary of unrelated things that at one point have triggered a smirk on my face. So what?

While I was struggling with this assignment my mind drifted off as it often does. What do I like, what did I learn, what do I wish for… for some reason books and movies came up.

Movies and books are two different mediums that can cover the same fantasy world but each has its own interpretation and presentation to highlight the story. They each use their unique strength and that means that choices have to be made. What part of the book goes into the movie and what needs to be cut.

In the Potter series, one of my biggest disappointments is the shallow presentation of the house elf Kreacher who in the books is a much more complex elf. Yes, his betrayal endangers the three witches but his relationship with Regulus Black and how he was used by Voldemort, show this elf in a different and far more human light.

One of my biggest movie disappointments is “the Pledge” based on Dürrenmatt’s excellent book “das Versprechen.”

The police officer Matthaï is such a complex man in the book. His investigative skills, torn humanity, and compartmentalized reasoning dominate the book. We read how his inner turmoil slowly starts to alter his physical appearance indicating his descend into insanity. This doesn’t happen in the movie.

The older woman who should have been driven mad by her own conscience for covering up crimes could have been a brilliant character in the movie yet she was absent. I came out of the cinema regretting that I saw the movie and back home I reread the book in one sitting.

I guess that this is in some way a listing.

You know now why I do not like some movies and why I do love the books. You even have some details explaining the “like” and “love” that you probably would not have gotten if I had made a simple bullet list.

I finished the assignment after all!

6 thoughts on “Things I don’t like: lists

    1. I thought about that too but my reading list covers two walls filled with books in our library. I buy them almost immediately. So you can understand that wasn’t an option!


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