Stop Feeling Sorry for Me Because I’m Married!

My skinny, blond, single friend wrote this post: Stop feeling sorry for me because I’m single. Here’s my rebuttal: Stop Feeling Sorry for Me Because I’m Married!

Be jealous that after almost 30 years personal responsibility and using your own brain still rule. No excuses!

Be jealous that we split up work, chores, and other responsibilities so we each still have time to sport and hang out with our own circles of friends.

Be jealous of my ass. I didn’t let myself go just because I am married. And yes, Laura: I still shave!

In a sense our lives are less exciting. We do not set each other up with someone else nor do our friends even try. But we still flirt and distract each other quietly with code words only we understand. It is very effective to get a certain someone out of a meeting…

I still have the freedom to do what I want. Heck, I am doing it right now. I am blogging and I will:

  • text hubby later that he’s on take-out duty and
  • email around to see which teenager can mow my yard

I do not miss being broke at all. That was only fun when you were a student and could dine on a bag of chips.

I know some people think that all married women wear sweatpants and comfort slippers, that we skip our morning shower as we are alone during the day, and that we only floss on date night. Those people just haven’t met me or any of my girlfriends yet.

Oh, and one more thing. Hot flashes and those temperature changes are much more fun if you can roll over at night, wake hubs, and tell him that you went from hot to freezing…

40 thoughts on “Stop Feeling Sorry for Me Because I’m Married!

  1. I love it! I’ve been happily married now for 26 years, and he still takes me dancing! I love knowing I have a date; I love being able to discuss anything with someone who always understands me. I still enjoy time with my bestie, too.

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  2. What a great article! I don’t relate well with the hot flashes but can tell you as a married man of 23 years I am just as happy to be married as my wife is. The thought of getting back into the dating game alone is enough motivation to stay married!

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  3. This great post proves that married women can still be sassy. BTW. I have been single for years and I intend to stay that way until I die – which is why I don’t shave. But thank goodness I’m over the menopause – I have no-one to harass in the middle of the night.


      1. It sounds to me as if you have a great marriage. It’s what I always wanted, but I made bad choices in life. Once, I had regrets, but I’ve become more than comfortable with living alone. All the same, it must be lovely to have everything that a good marriage brings… 🙂

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