The space to write

There is a small window of time in which our eyes capture the opening to a story like we capture that one look in each other’s eyes that tells us we are falling for each other. That one quiet moment that leads to a knowing smile, a kiss, or more. That one quiet moment also starts my writing spurt.

That is my space.

In my mind.

You can sit down and write anywhere but if your heart and soul are not into it you do not get any words on paper. You can be surrounded by the most intriguing people and be fascinated by what they wear, say, or sing. But that doesn’t mean that you can translate your sensations into words. That translation moment is my writing space.

Your senses can get overloaded with smells, sounds, dreams, and visuals. They all lead to the urge to jot down sentences or keywords. Your fingers reach for pen and paper of they grab a tablet. But then there’s a halt.

Something stops the translation from sensations to words. It is as if the fuse is disconnected for a moment and no current goes through. That moment tells you there is no space.

You hand may cramp around your pen or you start doodling. You may type but you do not type anything related to what you just saw and felt.


You stare at the visual that sparked the urge and desperately try to get that feeling back so you can write about it, but the moment is gone. So when the opportunity presents itself, let the quiet unfold.

19 thoughts on “The space to write

  1. A shared sentiment beautifully captured! I hit to “Reblog” on my personal website (with added comments), but don’t see it there. (BTW, I’m new to “reblogging” and this was my first attempt to do so!) Thanks for the inspiration, Alice!

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    1. Very welcome, Jody. I’ll check your personal blog tomorrow from my computer. Tomorrow is #MondayBlogs on Twitter so if you have posts to promote, tweet them with the hashtag. No book promotions though. Check the @MondayBlogs account for details.


  2. Reblogged this on Jody Ewing and commented:
    It’s been a long, long while since I’ve blogged on my “own” website (meaning my personal blog vs. the Iowa Cold Cases site). In fact, though the ICC blog could use more frequent posts, I’m busy working on the site’s pages every day.

    In the past few months, though, the yearnings to return to my personal blogging and writing keep growing stronger. I think I have about two dozen drafts on my own blog, most of them 80 to 100% completed, but then waiting a day to “reread” with fresh eyes and make any final edits somehow gets lost as updates on cold cases come calling.

    The emotions that washed over me as I read this post by Alice de Sturler left me feeling as if someone opened the door to my soul, whispered what they saw inside, and then quietly closed the door and tiptoed away. Alice has captured here the very essence of a writer’s soul and the struggle to take those quietly captured, ineffable moments and delicately carry them to a page before they break free and fly away.

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  3. Exactly. I could sit down to write anywhere, if I wanted. But if the atmosphere isn’t perfect, I find that my concentration disappears. Sometimes I use that as an excuse, and sometimes it’s a serious problem. But either way… we need space to write.

    Great post! 🙂

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  4. I agree that you can be anywhere, but if your heart and mind are not into it, nothing flows out. I usually like to carry a pen and pad with me everywhere because you never know when the flow of words will arise.

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