Reminder: I write flash fiction and writing101 posts usually within one to two hours after inspiration hits me. I do use the spell checker but then I post it on my blog so yes, you will always find grammar mistakes.

English is not my first language so expect punctuation chaos now and then.

Perfection is impossible. It means that I have to be perfect. Perfect is predictable and therefore boring. And I do not like anything boring.

My creative writing here is a way for me to relax in between the human rights cases and unsolved murders. It is a great way to distract my brain for a few moments and to see where my imagination takes me when I give it a chance.

7 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. I shy away from correcting anyone’s grammatical errors because, like you, English was not my first language either, and I prefer to focus on the message that is being put across instead:)

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